Top 10 Tips To Avoiding Injuries If You Are Over 40

Record numbers of men and women in their 40s, 50s and 60s are spending more time than ever before in the doctor's office and the emergency room with injuries resulting from exercise and sports. The injuries range from sprained ankles and torn cartilage, to bursitis and arthritis and result from basketball to bicycling, and from tennis to weight training.

Most injuries to the baby boomer population are similar in scope and circumstance to those in younger populations. So, in order to avoid these exercise-related injuries, the following is good advice.

1.Balance. Your workouts should be balanced between cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and flexibility exercises.

2.Variety. Embrace cross-training. You should participate in a variety of activities each week. Concentrating on one activity or sport can lead to activity-related repetitive injuries.

3.Form. Always use proper form. Slow, controlled movements are often best. If you're unsure

about the proper form, consult a